[Release] Better Passwords

Better passwordsCreating unique passwords for every online service you use can be tricky. The password needs to be long, secure, complex and yet easy to memorize. Achieving all of these goals for a single password is work – achieving them for every password is very hard work. That’s what Better Passwords is for – easily create lots of pronounceable yet complex and arbitrarily long passwords. You can basically configure everything. Check it out on the App Store – it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee and makes creating passwords a breeze!

Performance-testing helper class

In every project comes the time where you need to save a couple of cycles here and a couple of cycles there in order to improve performance. Often it is pretty easy to judge just by eyeballing it which approach will result in better performance for most cases. But sometimes that can be a little bit trickier and we (as engineers) want to have solid data – numbers – to back our judgement.

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Particle Playground v1.1 [Update]

UPDATE: Apple has just approved and Particle Playground v1.1 is now available in the Mac App Store.

Yesterday I uploaded Particle Playground v1.1 for Apple to review. I have been working on v2.0 but I received a mail that landscape support was something that was being looked forward to, so I decided to release an intermediary version with just a few new things.

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