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UIButtons with pseudorealistic perspective

For a little side-project I wanted buttons to look like they’re being pushed ‘inside’ the interface when active. To match the overall look of the project the first step was to create two embossed images in Photoshop. One with emboss direction ‘up’ and one with emboss direction ‘down’. Then assign these images to the relevant control states of the button. Simple enough – and already looking the way I want it to. (Hover over the image to see what I mean.)

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The WINGStand

A while age I saw a ridiculously cool project on Kickstarter (the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects) but totally forgot about it until recently. Yesterday it was delivered – the WINGStand. It’s basically a docking-station for you iPad so you can type effortlessly on your Apple Wireless Keyboard.

It consists of just two plastic elements which slide onto the Keyboard. On top of those two elements you can rest your iPad or iPhone and type away. Their website advertises that it also fits with the Samsung GalaxyTab, Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad, Acer Iconia, HTC Flyer and Droids. But honestly… who cares?.

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Downloading whole websites

Ever needed to download an entire website for offline viewing? I didn’t really need to download it for myself. A client needed an offline version of his website. wget to the rescue, I thought!


wget is not included on OS X… bummer! You can, however, install it from source (or from Mac Ports). Just download the newest package from (at the time of writing this post wget-1.13.tar.gz). Continue reading

Mega Man X for iOS

A week ago I learned that there is a Mega Man X port for iOS and being a Mega Man veteran it was simply a must-buy. Another reason was that I have recently watched @Egorator’s excellent “Sequelitis – Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X“. You should definitely watch it! It’s really good. In that video he explains why Mega Man X is a prime example for good game design. Another perfect excuse for me to spend a few bucks.

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Welcome to 2012

Happy new year everyone – Let’s make 2012 the best year of our lives! I will try to outline how I will try to accomplish that goal (at least for myself).

New Year’s Resolutions

I really dislike New Year’s Resolutions. Let me try to explain… Why would you pin something that is clearly of some importance to you on an arbitrary date such as the beginning of a new year? If it were really important to you… well, then you could have started working on it as soon as you realized its importance. Continue reading