Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tutorial on custom structs, convenience macros, storing structs and passing them around

Let’s say your app needs a custom struct. Maybe for upper/lower bounds of some values. Let’s also assume that you – like me – don’t like the thought of abusing NSSize or NSPoint just because ‘It fits the problem’. Yes, you could store your two values in both structs, but the names would be wrong and in general: doing it would be wrong.

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Mac App Development

I just picked up Mac App Development after quite a long time of inactivity and it is really fun! The learning curve is much steeper than with iPhone development because I simply am not that knowledgeable in the Mac universe as I am in the iPhone universe.

Finally I have something to write about that hasn’t been written about on ten other blogs (to my knowledge). So there will be more updates than there have been in the last couple of months… well actually in the last year.

So stay tuned! I already have some raw ideas floating around in my head that need to be put to paper.