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Particle Playground v1.1 [Update]

UPDATE: Apple has just approved and Particle Playground v1.1 is now available in the Mac App Store.

Yesterday I uploaded Particle Playground v1.1 for Apple to review. I have been working on v2.0 but I received a mail that landscape support was something that was being looked forward to, so I decided to release an intermediary version with just a few new things.

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Particle Playground 1.0 released

I am so excited! Apple just approved Particle Playground and I set things up so that it will be available tomorrow (February 15th). There will be a 50%-off sale for the first two days. So it will cost 4.99$ for the first two days and 9.99$ after that.

You can read what I blogged about UIKit particle emitters in my recent posts or check it out in the Mac App Store.

I hope you enjoy PP as much as I enjoyed creating it and hopefully it soothes your pain as it did mine.

Particle Playground – a GUI for CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell

While developing my last app I got the idea to add some sparkle to it. But since I’m not using cocos2d or some other framework I had to use the standard iOS classes CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell to set-up my particle emitter. After a while I started to grow tired of the hassle of always tweaking the emitter the tiniest bit and then recompiling and running the app in the simulator.

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Using Spotlight as a calculator

I just stumbled upon a nice feature in Spotlight. You can input formulas into the Spotlight search bar and it short-circuits to Calculator and displays the result in the spotlight search results.

Use Spotlight as a calculator


It even supports log(x), ln(x), exp(x) and I guess a lot more functions I just didn’t think of when testing this for a bit.

Quite a handy feature I would say and one I have never seen before. But after googling for three seconds I found about a myriad posts about this. So I guess it’s yesteryears news. It still felt right to slap it up here. Maybe you didn’t know it either or maybe I will forget it again in a couple of months and this will be my reminder. 🙂