Demo Project for Particle Playground

This morning Paula asked me to create a demo project for Particle Playground so users can simply import their emitters and see how it will look on the device. This should be especially interesting for heavy-duty emitters (birthRate > 500 or high velocity). Naturally I created a small Xcode project for you to download and play with.

There is not much to say about the demo project. You can download it from my dropbox. It contains a simple sparkle emitter which follows your touches. This is achieved by implementing the following methods and setting the emitterPosition according to the location where the touch occurred.

If you want to see your own emitter in the demo project, all you have to do is replace the three files in the group “Particle Emitter” (highlighted in the following image) with the files you generated with Particle Playground. Then just run the project and you can see you emitter and move it around.

Replace the highlighted files with your ownIf you exported the emitter for iPad then it may be that it is not visible instantly because of the emitterPosition. Just touch the screen anywhere to see your emitter.

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