Maximizing iStockphoto preview images

I spend quite a few bucks on the image assets of my apps and most of the time I spend these bucks at iStockphoto. The site has loads of great content and you can find good quality images for virtually any intended use. There is only one thing I would like them to improve – the preview area for images is way too small.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a tutorial “How to steal from iStockphoto”! Stealing from iStockphoto wouldn’t be very intelligent and could cost you lots of money in legal fees and penalties. Please just use this bookmarklet as a helper when you are browsing iStock and want to buy/compare images!

Ok, with that out of the way have fun with the script. It will automatically zoom the iStockphoto preview to its maximum size and resize the container to fit the image. Just copy the following javascript code, create a new bookmark and paste the javascript code as the target URL for the new bookmark. (it should stay in one line because Firefox has problems with multi-line bookmarks (AFAIK) – further below is the expanded version with comments).

From now on whenever you are on iStockphoto you can click the bookmark and it will maximize the preview image. Have fun!


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