ThinkGeek coupon code “generator”

I recently shopped quite a lot at ThinkGeek, my favorite store for nerd-shirts. I always fill my shopping cart to the brink and then reduce the shirts and gadgets to the stuff I really really REALLY need. After ordering I stuck around for a moment and put some other things in my shopping cart but ultimately did not buy them and just left.

A couple of days later I noticed something interesting. I received an email from ThinkGeek with a coupon code for an item I had in that shopping cart. Coincidence? I thought not! So I went ahead and tested that theory. I put some random crap (yes, they also have crap) in my shopping cart and left.

Lo and behold – 3 days later I received another coupon code for 10 bucks off… Nice! This will definitely help me next time they don’t have a promotion 🙂

tl;dr – The “generator”

If you want something from ThinkGeek, just throw it in your shopping cart and wait for 2-3 days. Almost magically, a 10$-off coupon will be sent to you.

A smart idea to incentivize returning to ThinkGeek and buying the stuff you already told them you want… Kudos!

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