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The Design of Everyday Things – Donald A. Norman [Book review]

This review is long overdue. I read the book a while ago and gave it some time to let the information sink in – and it was a lot of information.

It seemed like an odd choice for me to read because I am not a designer. I am a programmer and I wouldn’t be able to produce something beautiful if my life depended on it. Before reading this book, thats what I thought design is all about, beauty. Now I know that there are more aspects to design and the book also helped me to think more abstractly and (try to) derive interaction patterns from hardware devices and translate them to well designed user interfaces.

If you are interested in design – be it industrial, software or any other kind of design – you probably already read it. If not, you should probably read it.

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Wall and Piece

After being a Banksy fan for quite some time and recently hanging up a few prints of his on our living-room walls, I just bought the Banksy book “Wall and Piece“. If you don’t know him or his work, just google around a bit or take a look at the images in this post. [I should note that some of his works may disturb or offend you, but if you like (street) art you may come to love his art.]

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