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Particle Playground v1.1 [Update]

UPDATE: Apple has just approved and Particle Playground v1.1 is now available in the Mac App Store.

Yesterday I uploaded Particle Playground v1.1 for Apple to review. I have been working on v2.0 but I received a mail that landscape support was something that was being looked forward to, so I decided to release an intermediary version with just a few new things.

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Particle Playground 1.0 released

I am so excited! Apple just approved Particle Playground and I set things up so that it will be available tomorrow (February 15th). There will be a 50%-off sale for the first two days. So it will cost 4.99$ for the first two days and 9.99$ after that.

You can read what I blogged about UIKit particle emitters in my recent posts or check it out in the Mac App Store.

I hope you enjoy PP as much as I enjoyed creating it and hopefully it soothes your pain as it did mine.

Particle Playground – a GUI for CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell

While developing my last app I got the idea to add some sparkle to it. But since I’m not using cocos2d or some other framework I had to use the standard iOS classes CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell to set-up my particle emitter. After a while I started to grow tired of the hassle of always tweaking the emitter the tiniest bit and then recompiling and running the app in the simulator.

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Tutorial on custom structs, convenience macros, storing structs and passing them around

Let’s say your app needs a custom struct. Maybe for upper/lower bounds of some values. Let’s also assume that you – like me – don’t like the thought of abusing NSSize or NSPoint just because ‘It fits the problem’. Yes, you could store your two values in both structs, but the names would be wrong and in general: doing it would be wrong.

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