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Xcode cursor visibility on dark background (Midnight Theme)

UPDATE: Eric Goldberg created a nice github repo with a high-contrast cursor and short and sweet instructions for this. You can skip this post and check out his repo. Thanks Eric!

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I always liked dark themes in my IDEs, but with XCode I almost had to switch to a lighter theme because I just did not see my mouse cursor anymore in the main text editor. A major annoyance having to move the cursor around for a while to spot its location!

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In-App Purchases: Patience is key

If you ever want to create an app with IAPs take my adivce: “Be patient.” You can bootstrap your programming by using the brilliant IAP framework MKStoreKit. Mugunth Kumar was kind enough to release his creation for everyone to use, so you do not really need to dive too deep into Apple’s StoreKit framework. His framework is a bliss to incorporate into your app and configuring it is quite easy as well (see his blog post).

Take your time

When I started developing MatchBalls! I created four In-App Purchases in iTunes Connect and started testing after a while. Yesterday I added an additional IAP to iTunes Connect and suddenly started getting errors with all of my IAPs. I started debugging right away and hit a brick wall. I searched the web for possible reasons of IAPs not working and found lots of checklists (see here, here, here and here) and one superb tutorial. One tip was the golden one. “Just wait”. After 20 hours some magic happened on Apple’s servers and everything works like a charm again.

A simple warning “This action renders your IAPs unusable for 12-24 hours” would suffice to let people know about this. Apple is so brilliant when it comes to guiding users and letting them know about important stuff, but sometimes it seems like they do not really care about their developers (does anyone else play the game “Guess in which corner the action button appears in iTunes Connect”).