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Particle Playground – a GUI for CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell

While developing my last app I got the idea to add some sparkle to it. But since I’m not using cocos2d or some other framework I had to use the standard iOS classes CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell to set-up my particle emitter. After a while I started to grow tired of the hassle of always tweaking the emitter the tiniest bit and then recompiling and running the app in the simulator.

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Xcode cursor visibility on dark background (Midnight Theme)

UPDATE: Eric Goldberg created a nice github repo with a high-contrast cursor and short and sweet instructions for this. You can skip this post and check out his repo. Thanks Eric!

Or you can read on… 😉

I always liked dark themes in my IDEs, but with XCode I almost had to switch to a lighter theme because I just did not see my mouse cursor anymore in the main text editor. A major annoyance having to move the cursor around for a while to spot its location!

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Extensive Mac & iOS Developer Tools List

Justin Williams, a fellow developer, has put together a quite nice and extensive list for Mac developers (and/or power users). The list ist huge and contains quite a few gems for developers. If you want to learn about new software and also some useful websites this is a nice start.

Justin also co-hosts the IRQ Conflict podcast, so he included some interesting audio soft- and hardware. I don’t plan on podcasting so that is not really that interesting to me at the moment,  but if I ever were to start podcasting this would be my starting point to gather information.