Tappy Animals

Download on the App StoreTappy Animals Quiz is the perfect way for children to playfully learn about animals, their sounds and what you commonly associate with them. Like a horseshoe with a horse, a bone with a dog or a ‘meow’ with a cat.

Tappy Animals Quiz features three modes of play targeted at different ages:

1. The “Exploration Mode” (age 1-3): tap any animal and it will make a characteristic sound.
2. The “Sound Quiz” (age 2-4): tap the corresponding animal after hearing a characteristic sound.
3. The “Association Quiz” (age 3-5): this mode either shows an animal and you have to tap the corresponding characteristic image or it shows a characteristic image and you have to tap the animal.

One important factor about Tappy Animals is that it does not punish mistakes – the player does not have a score or ranking. There are no timers or pressure – everything is supposed to be about positive reinforcement and having fun while teaching your child about animals.

Now for some hard facts about Tappy Animals Quiz:

– 15 cute animals
– 50+ unique animal images
– 60+ unique association images
– 50+ different animal sounds

24 thoughts on “Tappy Animals

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